A Weekend with the New Fujifilm x100F

This blog entry isn't intended to be a full technical review of the new Fujifilm x100f camera.  Rather, I just wanted to give you a glimpse into my experience with it this past weekend.  When Fuji announced the Fujifilm x100F a little over a month ago I just knew that I had to have one.  Ever since I purchased the x100s in 2013 I have been a huge fan of Fujifilm and their X-Series cameras.  The x100s has been my all time favorite camera...until I got my hands on the x100F this weekend.  Now the x100F is easily my all time favorite camera.  

What else can I say about its design?  It's just gorgeous with its retro range finder design and having the complete exposure triangle, (ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture), on the outside of the camera makes me nostalgic for old film rangefinder cameras.  I'm also loving the Acros film simulation which I'm finding to be a must setting for street photography.  

My wife and I had an out of town wedding schedule for this weekend so I was happy to initially learn that the x100F would be released a week before our trip.  However, my happiness turned to disappointment when the release date was pushed back a week and one day before we were to travel out of town.  I updated my shipping option to over night shipping so it arrived just hours before our trip. 

Below are some shots from the weekend.  I'll be posting more later.  All color shots were taken using the Classic Chrome film simulation while all black and white shots were taken using the Acros film simulation with strong grain.  

Stadium Sunset
Light and Darkness
Stadium Selfie
Shadowy Tree
Room with a View

More Shots with the Sony RX100 M3

I have been using the Sony RX100 M3 over the past few weeks and I really really like it a lot.  The image quality isn't quite as good as my full frame Sony A7 or my Fuji x100s but the image quality it produces for being such a compact camera is very impressive.  I can definitely see myself using this camera for my main photo shoots when it's not possible to bring along my larger cameras. 

Below are some more shots that I got while using it over the past few weeks. 

Sunday Mornings

The Mothership

Foggy Morning

Office Lobby

The Mall

Foggy Morning