Photos from the New iPhone X

I admit it.  I'm a huge Apple fanboy.  I have loved Apple's products ever since I purchased an iPod many years ago.  I subsequently purchased the first iPhone and have purchased the new iPhone every year since.  It's become a yearly holiday for me; "iPhone Day."  I'm not just an Apple Fanboy.  I happen to also be a huge fan of all technology.  Although Apple is my favorite I actually own the Samsung Galaxy S8+ as well which I love.  I will spare you the details on my love for all gadgets and get on with my thoughts of the new iPhone X's camera.  

Each year Apple releases a new iPhone with an improved camera and this year was no exception. Like previous iPhone Plus models the X features dual real cameras.  However, the X features a zoom lens that includes image stabilization and handles low light shots better.  The wide angle lens features an f/1.8 aperture while the telephoto lens features an f/2.4 aperture.  

Apple has also added new Portrait Lighting modes in iOS for the X as well as the iPhone 8 models.  These modes have been extremely fun to shoot with.  The front facing camera now features portrait mode and utilizes the Portrait Lighting modes as well. 

As with other iPhones the camera is an absolute joy to use.  The quality of the photos are very good and it's always with me.  A common saying in photography is that the best camera is the one you have with you.  Below are some more shots using the camera on the iPhone X.  

iPhone X wide angle lens 

Weekend at Disney with my Fujifilm x100F

I spent this past weekend at Disney in Florida and I brought my new Fujifilm x100F along with me.  Let me first say that little beauty didn't all.  It performed extremely well under varying conditions including low light, quick moving park guests requiring quick AF etc.  Below are some of my favorite shots from the trip.  The black and white shots were taking using the Acros-R film simulation while the color shots were taken using the classic chrome film simulation.  They were then processed using either Adobe Lightroom or Lightroom Mobile on my iPhone 7 Plus.  

Monorail Life
Smile and a Wave
Cool Jacket
Monorail Station
Grand Floridian Resort
Of Light and Shadows
I Heart Disney
Be Our Guest
Beautiful stairs at Disney's Grand Florida Resort
Bridge to Neverland
Disney's Riverside Resort
Monorail Line
Life on the Monorail
Disney Balloons
Storybook Circus
Through the Smoke


Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning

The sunrise was absolutely incredible this morning with the fog coming up off of the water as the sun was rising up over the trees and horizon.  I took this one using my Fujifilm x100F camera using the classic chrome film simulation.  I then imported the RAW photo into my iPhone 7 Plus using a SD card reader.  I made some minor updates using Adobe Lightroom Mobile before posting it to my Flickr account.  

More Thoughts and Shots from my First Weekend Using the x100F

I wanted to share a few more thoughts about the x100F as well as some of my favorite shots from this past weekend where my wife and I travelled out of town to a wedding.  I’m not a big fan of weddings and I find myself extremely uncomfortable in large social settings.  In order to take some of the sting out of the trip I ordered the new Fujifilm x100F camera to take along with me.  I was hoping to be able to get some good street and candid photos from the wedding as well as other settings during our trip. 

The x100F presents me my first opportunity to use the Acros film simulation.  I primarily shot with this setting most of the weekend and I must say that it didn’t disappoint.  The resulting jpegs were absolutely amazing and required little to no post processing in Lightroom. Other than some minor cropping most of the shots I’m sharing are straight out of the camera.  This is something that I’m loving as a street photographer who prefers to do as little post processing as possible.  With other cameras I would typically shoot in color and then convert my images to black and white and then spend even more time adjusting the contrast etc to my liking.  With the x100F this workflow is no longer necessary.  I simply take the photo and then do some very minor edits for cropping before posting and sharing.  

The combination of stunning jpegs straight out of the camera and built in wifi makes it extremely easy to shoot and then share my shots while I’m on the go.  Below are a few more shots from this past weekend. The black and white shots were taken using the Acros film simulation with strong grain while the color photo was taken using the Classic Chrome film simulation. 

Reception Mingling
Free Smells
Gotta Check Facebook Again
Flare Glare
Wedding Musician
After the Wedding
Wedding Reception

A Weekend with the New Fujifilm x100F

This blog entry isn't intended to be a full technical review of the new Fujifilm x100f camera.  Rather, I just wanted to give you a glimpse into my experience with it this past weekend.  When Fuji announced the Fujifilm x100F a little over a month ago I just knew that I had to have one.  Ever since I purchased the x100s in 2013 I have been a huge fan of Fujifilm and their X-Series cameras.  The x100s has been my all time favorite camera...until I got my hands on the x100F this weekend.  Now the x100F is easily my all time favorite camera.  

What else can I say about its design?  It's just gorgeous with its retro range finder design and having the complete exposure triangle, (ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture), on the outside of the camera makes me nostalgic for old film rangefinder cameras.  I'm also loving the Acros film simulation which I'm finding to be a must setting for street photography.  

My wife and I had an out of town wedding schedule for this weekend so I was happy to initially learn that the x100F would be released a week before our trip.  However, my happiness turned to disappointment when the release date was pushed back a week and one day before we were to travel out of town.  I updated my shipping option to over night shipping so it arrived just hours before our trip. 

Below are some shots from the weekend.  I'll be posting more later.  All color shots were taken using the Classic Chrome film simulation while all black and white shots were taken using the Acros film simulation with strong grain.  

Stadium Sunset
Light and Darkness
Stadium Selfie
Shadowy Tree
Room with a View

Street Photography in St Augustine

I spent my morning today processing some more photos from my recent trip to St. Augustine.  My Fujifilm x70 camera was the perfect street photography companion.  Below are some more shots from my trip. 

"AC/DC" - Fujifilm x70

"Street Tattoos" - Fujifilm x70

"27 Cowboy" - Fujifilm x70

"Abe Window" - Fujifilm x70

"Street Shadows" - Fujifilm x70

"Umbrella for Two" - Fujifilm x70

The Great Escape

My wife and I journeyed to the historic city of St. Augustine with her parents yesterday.  St. Augustine is one of my absolute favorite places to visit and take photographs.  It's a gold mine for excellent street photos so I brought along my trusty Fujifilm x70 camera for the trip.  Below are some of my favorite shots that I have processed so far.  

"The Great Escape" - Fujifilm x70

"Smoke Break"  - Fujifilm x70

"The Patriot" - Fujifilm x70

"The Bar" - Fujifilm x70

"Bench Warmers" - Fujifilm x70

Three Trees

 Processed with VSCO with 7 preset

I've been at my current job for a few years now and there are three trees that catch my eye everyday I come into the office.  They are located towards the back of the parking lot and are usually isolated from cars early in the morning and late in the afternoon which is conveniently during the best times for the best light also known as the golden hour.  I couldn't resist snapping a quick shot the other afternoon using my Fujifilm x70 which I always have with me. 

Test Driving the Camera on the iPhone 7 Plus

Test Driving the Camera on the iPhone 7 Plus

Purchasing the new iPhone as become a yearly event/holiday for me.  When I first purchased the original iPhone many years ago I never envisioned that I would be using it for photography.  The camera in the first device was mediocore at best.  The cameras on mobile devices just keep getting better and better.  There's also now a plethora of editing and processing apps to choose from.  It's amazing how we can now use mobile devices as our main camera, photo processor and photo sharing utility. 

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I Was Nearly Arrested for Simply Taking Photos at Local Mall

I Was Nearly Arrested for Simply Taking Photos at Local Mall

This evening I was nearly arrested for simply taking street and landscape photos at a local Town Center mall here in Jacksonville Florida.  I took my wife Nancy to the mall to meet one of her friends for dinner and to do some shopping.  I’m not a fan of the mall so I decided to bring my camera along to pass the time.  Since I’m a photographer I usually have a camera with me at all times.  I happened to have my Fujifilm x70 camera with me for this visit.  For those of you who don’t know the Town Center mall is basically an outdoor mall with shops that are connected via roadways and sidewalks.  I have actually captured some pretty amazing photos at this location before. 

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The Road Less Travelled

A few days ago I visited the local Town Center mall after work.  I took my wife so she could meet up with a friend but I took the opportunity to bring my camera to get some good street photography shots.  I brought with me my Fujifilm x70 camera which I absolutely love.  This camera pretty much goes with me everywhere that I go.  The Town Center mall is basically an outdoors mall with numerous shops in buildings which are decided by roadways and sidewalks.  I captured the shot below while crossing one of these roads.  The center line in the road can usually make for a good shot from a low angle.  I thought this shot turned out pretty well...and as an added bonus I didn't get hit by a car.  It was processed using the RNI classic film filters in Adobe Lightroom.  I used the 40's high contrast filter which I believe worked nicely for the setting captured in the shot.

The Road Less Travelled Fujifilm x70

The Road Less Travelled
Fujifilm x70


Using Social Media to Judge the Quality of Our Photos: Pros and Cons

Using Social Media to Judge the Quality of Our Photos: Pros and Cons

How does a photographer determine if their photos are good?  Can this be ascertained by more likes on social media?  What about having them rise to popular on 500px?  And let’s not forget about having them elevated to “Explore” on the popular photo sharing service Flickr.  All of these are are fine goals to strive for but does achieving them necessarily equate to taking good photos?  There are pros and cons to using each of the aforementioned methods as well as others for judging photo goodness. 

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