Street Photography

Human Tripod

Street photography is about capturing a moment in time that can be preserved forever.   It's about documenting the world around us.  It's about creating a window into a historical moment in time.  I often travel to Disney in Florida which is plethora of such moments.

On our most recent trip I captured an interesting shot of a woman carrying a young boy on her shoulders.  You might be thinking that's there's nothing unique or interesting about this frame which would be my thought as well. But this boy was holding a nice camera which made the shot very interesting in my eyes. So I quickly raised my Fujifilm x100F camera and snapped the shot which is below. 

Human Tripod

The shot was taken using the Acros-R film simulation and then processed using Lightroom.  Shot details are below.  

  • f/5.6
  • ISO 200
  • 1/640 shutter speed  
  • Acros R film simulation  

Weekend at Disney with my Fujifilm x100F

I spent this past weekend at Disney in Florida and I brought my new Fujifilm x100F along with me.  Let me first say that little beauty didn't all.  It performed extremely well under varying conditions including low light, quick moving park guests requiring quick AF etc.  Below are some of my favorite shots from the trip.  The black and white shots were taking using the Acros-R film simulation while the color shots were taken using the classic chrome film simulation.  They were then processed using either Adobe Lightroom or Lightroom Mobile on my iPhone 7 Plus.  

Monorail Life
Smile and a Wave
Cool Jacket
Monorail Station
Grand Floridian Resort
Of Light and Shadows
I Heart Disney
Be Our Guest
Beautiful stairs at Disney's Grand Florida Resort
Bridge to Neverland
Disney's Riverside Resort
Monorail Line
Life on the Monorail
Disney Balloons
Storybook Circus
Through the Smoke


More Thoughts and Shots from my First Weekend Using the x100F

I wanted to share a few more thoughts about the x100F as well as some of my favorite shots from this past weekend where my wife and I travelled out of town to a wedding.  I’m not a big fan of weddings and I find myself extremely uncomfortable in large social settings.  In order to take some of the sting out of the trip I ordered the new Fujifilm x100F camera to take along with me.  I was hoping to be able to get some good street and candid photos from the wedding as well as other settings during our trip. 

The x100F presents me my first opportunity to use the Acros film simulation.  I primarily shot with this setting most of the weekend and I must say that it didn’t disappoint.  The resulting jpegs were absolutely amazing and required little to no post processing in Lightroom. Other than some minor cropping most of the shots I’m sharing are straight out of the camera.  This is something that I’m loving as a street photographer who prefers to do as little post processing as possible.  With other cameras I would typically shoot in color and then convert my images to black and white and then spend even more time adjusting the contrast etc to my liking.  With the x100F this workflow is no longer necessary.  I simply take the photo and then do some very minor edits for cropping before posting and sharing.  

The combination of stunning jpegs straight out of the camera and built in wifi makes it extremely easy to shoot and then share my shots while I’m on the go.  Below are a few more shots from this past weekend. The black and white shots were taken using the Acros film simulation with strong grain while the color photo was taken using the Classic Chrome film simulation. 

Reception Mingling
Free Smells
Gotta Check Facebook Again
Flare Glare
Wedding Musician
After the Wedding
Wedding Reception

A Weekend with the New Fujifilm x100F

This blog entry isn't intended to be a full technical review of the new Fujifilm x100f camera.  Rather, I just wanted to give you a glimpse into my experience with it this past weekend.  When Fuji announced the Fujifilm x100F a little over a month ago I just knew that I had to have one.  Ever since I purchased the x100s in 2013 I have been a huge fan of Fujifilm and their X-Series cameras.  The x100s has been my all time favorite camera...until I got my hands on the x100F this weekend.  Now the x100F is easily my all time favorite camera.  

What else can I say about its design?  It's just gorgeous with its retro range finder design and having the complete exposure triangle, (ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture), on the outside of the camera makes me nostalgic for old film rangefinder cameras.  I'm also loving the Acros film simulation which I'm finding to be a must setting for street photography.  

My wife and I had an out of town wedding schedule for this weekend so I was happy to initially learn that the x100F would be released a week before our trip.  However, my happiness turned to disappointment when the release date was pushed back a week and one day before we were to travel out of town.  I updated my shipping option to over night shipping so it arrived just hours before our trip. 

Below are some shots from the weekend.  I'll be posting more later.  All color shots were taken using the Classic Chrome film simulation while all black and white shots were taken using the Acros film simulation with strong grain.  

Stadium Sunset
Light and Darkness
Stadium Selfie
Shadowy Tree
Room with a View

Street Photography in St Augustine

I spent my morning today processing some more photos from my recent trip to St. Augustine.  My Fujifilm x70 camera was the perfect street photography companion.  Below are some more shots from my trip. 

"AC/DC" - Fujifilm x70

"Street Tattoos" - Fujifilm x70

"27 Cowboy" - Fujifilm x70

"Abe Window" - Fujifilm x70

"Street Shadows" - Fujifilm x70

"Umbrella for Two" - Fujifilm x70

The Great Escape

My wife and I journeyed to the historic city of St. Augustine with her parents yesterday.  St. Augustine is one of my absolute favorite places to visit and take photographs.  It's a gold mine for excellent street photos so I brought along my trusty Fujifilm x70 camera for the trip.  Below are some of my favorite shots that I have processed so far.  

"The Great Escape" - Fujifilm x70

"Smoke Break"  - Fujifilm x70

"The Patriot" - Fujifilm x70

"The Bar" - Fujifilm x70

"Bench Warmers" - Fujifilm x70

Teenage Hangout

Street photography is a very interesting genre of photography.  Not everyone has access to larger cities such as New York or Paris.  Sometimes theme parks can be very good spots for street photography as well.  I snapped the photo below while at Disney's Magic Kingdom.  I noticed these teenagers hidden off to the side on this dock area.  The lightening was perfect so I just had to snap a quick shot.  

Teenage Hangout
Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Sony A7

Sunset Shoppers

Sunset Shoppers  

Sunset Shoppers  

Sometimes you never know what you will encounter while out and about. That's one reason I like to have a camera with me at all times. This shot was taken at a local town center mall. I usually don't go into this store but I was waiting to meet someone for dinner and had some time to kill. The sun coming through the windows at the back of the store created a stunning effect next to the escalators. So, I readied my camera and waited for shoppers to enter my frame.  This shot was taken using the Fujifilm x70 which is quickly becoming my go to camera for street and everyday photography.  

In Motion

The world is constantly in motion.  Photography allows us to capture and freeze moments in time.  Sometimes perpetual motion can also be captured in these moments of time.  This shot was captured while I was walking back to my car after my trip to St. Augustine Florida.  It ended up becoming one of my favorite shots from the trip. 

In Motion
St. Augustine, Florida
Fujifilm x100s

Watching People Watching People

One of the aspects of street photography that fascinates me is how people behave and act with and among the world around them.  The photo below captures a couple of guys standing against a wall watching other people as they walked by.  What I really like about this photo is that it captures a scene that seems to be common along this street in St. Augustine.  As I walked up and down this street I couldn't help but notice other men standing in a similar fashion as well as sitting on benches.  I can only presume that they are waiting for their significant others while they shop.  

People Watching
St. Augustine, Florida
Fujifilm x100s

The Look

Some street photographers prefer to discretely take photos of their subjects while others are very open with their approach.  I find myself in the former group and prefer taking candid shots of my subjects.  There are various techniques that can transform you into a photography ninja.  One such technique is to pretend to take photos of something above your subject via the viewfinder and then actually snapping the photo while bringing the camera down to preview(chimp) your shot on the screen.  

I utilized this technique in the photo below.  After taking his photo I noticed him starring right at me as if a little annoyed.  So, I raised my camera aiming it at an object above him, pretended to take a shot and then lowered it as if previewing  my shot in the screen.  I always shoot from the hip so this technique works well for me.  

The Look
St. Augustine, Florida
Fujifilm x100s

Road To Brighter Days?

I snapped this photo while in St. Augustine today.  I noticed a couple of homeless men; one was playing a musical instrument for money while another was riding a bicycle with what I'm assuming were all of his belongings.  My heart goes out to people who are down trodden like this.  I just hope and pray that this road is a road to brighter days. 

Road to Brighter Days?
St. Augustine, Florida
Fujifilm x100s

Jurassic Park

Today I went to St. Augustine for a little street photography.  I brought along with me my Fujifilm x100s camera as well as Sony RX100 M3 camera.  Although I had my RX100 M3 with me I found myself using the Fuji for almost the entry trip.  One of my photos is below.  I'll be posting more later.  

Jurassic Park
St. Augustine, Florida
Fujifilm x100s