My Journey Into Photography 

My passion for photography began to blossom a several years ago when my mom got me a Sony Cyber-Shot camera for Christmas.  Although it was only 3.2 mega pixels this was very good at the time when digital cameras were just starting to rise in popularity.  I took that camera with me everywhere.  I believe this when I started seeing the world  around me differently.  I began to look for good shot opportunities everywhere I went.  I would literally frame the world around me.  

I used this camera for a few years until my passion for photography led me to upgrade and purchase the Canon Digital Rebel XT camera.  I remember how my family and friends thought I was nuts for spending around $600 on a camera.  Maybe they were right.  Maybe I was a little nuts but I didn't care.  I just knew that I was ready to take that next step towards taking photography more seriously.  It was with this camera that I began teaching myself about the various camera settings such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO.  I would later learn that these three settings together are known at the exposure triangle.  

I'm always striving to learn new things and improve as a photographer.  I believe this is one of the reasons that I don't like to focus on a single photography genre.  I'm very passionate about taking photos of things around me that I find to be very interesting.  Although I don't like to focus on a single genre I do tend to focus more on street photography, landscape photography and HDR photography.  I have also recently taken an interest in travel photography.  These are the areas that my website will primarily focus on.  


My photography gear has grown and changed throughout the years.  I started with Canon and then shifted more towards Sony when they released the NEX-7 mirrorless camera which I absolutely loved.  I purchased the Sony A7 full frame mirrorless camera which is still my main go to camera for landscape and HDR shots.  I have also used it for street photography.  

My passion for street photography led me to explore the Fuji X series camera lineup.  My first Fujifilm camera was the x100s which is probably still my all time favorite camera.  I also recently purchased the new Fujifilm x70 camera which is basically the little brother of the x100s and x100t.  The most recent addition to the Fujifilm X series camera family is the X100F.  I purchased it recently and absolutely love it.