The Arcanum

I'm sure many of you might be familiar with Trey Ratcliff who is probably the top photographer in the world.  He recently started something called the Arcanum.  This a basically a community comprised of photography masters as well as apprentices.  There is a master for each of the different photography genres.  The initial phase of the Arcanum is where the masters select up to 20 apprentices whom will learn under their tutelage and guidance.  I was blessed and honored to have been one of those selected.  

The master I will be learning under is Valerie Jardin.  She is one of the best photographers and specializes in street photography.  I am really looking forward to learning under her as well as with the other apprentices in our group.  The Arcanum features different levels and we are expected to complete various tasks and assignments in order to move up to the next level.  

I'm currently at level 3 where we are expected to submit a Google+ album of various photos that will need to be critiqued by our fellow cohorts.  Below is one of the photos I submitted for critique.  

Fountain of Youth

This is one of my favorite street photos for various reasons.  I remember my niece playing in the same fountain when she was that age.  This photo was also taken at Disney's Animal Kingdom which is one my favorite vacation spots.  It's also a great location for street photography.  

I will be updating this blog from time to time as I progress through the Arcanum.  I'm really looking forward to improving my street photography and posting my progress here.