Mock Photography

My niece is taking a photography class at her high school and her next assignment is to select a famous photography and attempt to mock one of their more prominent photographs.  She asked me what I thought about selecting a photo from the street photography genre.  I loved the idea and immediately recommended that she attempt to mock a photo by my favorite photographer Vivian Maier.  

Vivian Maier is a posthumous famous photographer who took thousands of photographs on the streets of New York and Chicago in the 50's and 60's.  She was somewhat of private person and a recluse when it came to her photography. She never sought attention or fame and seemed to take photos for herself.  She loved taking self-portraits in reflections in store windows and mirrors.  


Vivian Maier can be seen in her self-portrait above that she took using a rolleiflex.  I am now in the process of helping my niece select one of Maier's photos to mock.  This is going to be tricky since most of her photos were taken in New York City where tall building abound.  The city where I'm from has some tall buildings but they are not as accessible.  Also, the time frame is a lot different.  I love some of the older cars in her shots but they will be difficult to find today.  


I think it would be interesting to attempt to mock the photo above.  The car will obviously need to be more modern but I think we could pull this one off.  This is one of my favorite photos by Maier.  She was a private person and somewhat of a recluse but she seemed to be very good at interacting with her subjects.  

I will post an update after I help my niece complete her mock photography project.  My closing question I pose to my readers is this, if you could select one photographer and one of their photos to mock whom would it be and what photo would you select?