Vivian Maier Style Self-Portrait

A few days ago I wrote about how I was helping my niece with a mock photography project.  You can read about that here.  I took her to St. Augustine this past weekend to get some shots that would mock the style and techniques of Vivian Maier's street self-portraits.  I let my niece use my Fuji x100s camera which is perfect for street photography while I used my Sony A7.  The A7 wasn't exactly designed for street photography but I have found that it works quite well for this genre.  The only big negative would be the loud clicking shutter sound but I actually don't mind it too much.  

My niece is still in the process of processing her photos and selecting a shot to use for her project.  She has some very good shots and I hope I will be able to share there on my blog soon.  I took some Maier style self-portraits as well.  There were a lot of stores with mirrors and windows with nice reflections but the shot below was my favorite.  I will be sharing other street photography photos from our trip very soon.  

Check out Vivian Maier's work here