My Experience with the New Periscope App

Twitter recently released a new live streaming service and app called Periscope.  I have been testing it out over the last few days and I really like it so far.  Initially I didn't realize the impact it would have for photographers but after following Vivienne Gucwa , Scott Kelby , Trey Ratcliff and others I quickly found out just how useful it could be.  

Vivienne is a very popular travel photographer with a best selling book and is from New York City.  She frequently brings along her followers on her walks throughout the city pointing out the architecture and even some of her favorite spots for taking photos.  

Scott Kelby is or was in Amsterdam and broadcast his experience with his followers.  He also gave his followers an inside look at one of his HDR shoots late one night on the streets of Amsterdam.  I have been a fan of his for a while and follow his work so it was very cool to see him live in action.  

One thing that really makes Periscope standout is the ability of followers to ask questions of the broadcaster.  Vivienne was very friendly and was open to answering most of the questions presented to her.  This was also true of the other photographers that I am following.  I have been a huge fan of these photographers for a long time but Periscope has allowed me to see a more personal side of them.  

Periscope(direct link) is currently only available for the iPhone but an Android version will be out shortly.  Be sure to check it out and follow some of these great photographers.